Scrives Spinel Amethyst Cushion Cabochons 22 Karat Gold Hammered Handmade Ring


This modern Band ring by Scrives is hand-hammered and set with:
- 2 natural red spinels (cushion shape),
- 1 natural red spinel cabochon,
- 8 amethyst cabochons of various sizes,
- 8 faceted natural red spinels,
- 11 faceted amethysts.
The spinels show deep red colour (from Burma/Myanmar) and the amethysts show variation of purples (visible on the photos).
The bottom part of the ring is open on the side.

This one-of-a-kind ring is handmade with 22kt mat finish gold. After wearing the jewellery for sometime, the gold  will get more shinny.  The band shows  the French guaranty stamp.

Size french: 52.5
US size: 6 1/4
If you need any size change, we would be happy to do it for free.