Our designer

Colours have always been a wonder for me and combining them a fascinating game. During my studies in India, my love for gemstones and their diversity grew tremendously through the discovery of the believes, the properties, and the energy that surround gemstones. This passion motivated me to follow the Gemologist Program at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). 

In India, I have discovered a different jewellery culture, another way to wear jewellery and a new style through the use of 22-karat gold which is purer, rougher and more intense.

These different experiences inspired me to create Scrives in order to highlight unknown gemstones set in this particular gold. With my designs, I wish to promote a simpler, more playful and timeless approach to jewellery and to the way we wear our jewels.

I draw my inspiration from natural shapes and movements, all kinds of art and my travels.