Maison Scrives

Scrives is a French jewellery company that celebrates rare, bespoke and vibrant gemstones set in precious 22-karat gold. Each piece is unique and exclusively made by hand.

Having a real passion for gemstones and their bright colors, Adeline hand-selects each and every stone for its outstanding beauty and soul. She then carefully assembles them into bright and colorful combinations in order to create one of a kind pieces. Her goal is to offer a wide range of precious stones that may be less known to the public such as spinel, tanzanite, morganite, as well as rare collector gemstones for example damburite, enstatite, sphene.

Featured jewels

I love -- LOVE this ring. The colors of the stones are just amazing and the setting is so comfortable on my finger. Even in darker rooms the colors pop so beautifully and the matt finish gold is elegant and makes the ring work for professional or social gatherings. I think I'll be wearing it every day for many months. I'm so so pleased. Thank you so much!


Thank you soooo much!!! I have been searching this perfect tourmaline ring in different towns and cities, online and off-lene, but only when I saw this GOURGEOUS one..there were no doubts anymore. Whoever creates the jewelry you sell, definitely has a gift and makes masterpieces, not boring copies of someone else. Thank you once again so much and looking forward to the day to enter in this kingdom of beautiful Spirit in Paris


I am absolutely in love with my ring!!!!!!!! I will never take it off!!!!!!!!! You are one amazing talent...I really don't even know how to thank I send my love, knowing that we will remain in touch!!!!!!!!


Handmade one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces

Each pieces are hand-made by our skilled artisans that exclusively handwork with no use of machines or casting. Our stones are also hand-cut and hand-polish following unique designs.

Each collection has a limited number of pieces and they are all one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Our designs change and involve at every collection never continuing the same designs.



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46, rue de Seine
75006 Paris